I’m 10/10: What’s Your Rating At Being Human?

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself at being human?

As you think about it let me tell you a short story.

Growing up I used to frequently have moments where I think that I’m failing at life. That I was going nowhere and anything that I do would not amount to something great. That the projects and activities that I involve myself in aren’t enough to make me successful no matter how much I compensate. I wanted to please people to get appreciation because I felt that my efforts aren’t enough. That I wasn’t enough and I’m a failure.

I rated myself a low four on being human.

My definition of a successful human being before was for one to live a life of perfection, reach goals, have high self-esteem, be financially secure, and many other positive traits. I had a narrow view of how the world works.

In order for me to rank higher, I needed to be perfect. I put on several masks so people wouldn’t ask too many questions and that I will “appear” like a ten. Little did people know, behind the mask, what I can’t express healthily came back at me destructively. With the self-imposed pressure of becoming pristine in front of others, I didn’t notice that I was forgetting to be more compassionate towards myself even losing my own self-worth. It was depressing.

It took a lot of unlearning and hard work but I was able to peel my mask off layer by layer. Seeing the world unobstructed by the narrow eyeholes was freeing. I embraced my flaws and weaknesses and built myself with better pieces. I didn’t need to be a certain way to gain approval from others. It’s more peaceful to be an imperfect human instead of being a perfect alien from a galaxy far far away. 

Being human is not judged on perfection and success.

Being human means allowing yourself to experience life as it is. Going through highs and lows, joyful moments, heartbreak, victories, mistakes, and many other adventures that life has to offer makes you human. It’s normal for humans to experience bumps and find treasure in their journey.

Nothing that has happened in the past is wasted. Every moment has built you up to be the human you are today. Everything that you’ve lived through and every emotion that you’ve felt makes you 100% human

No matter what they say, you are a ten.

No matter what you say to yourself, you – are – always – a – TEN.

Now, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself at being human?

Say it out loud!


Thank you for being an awesome 10/10 at reading my post!

I want to hear your thoughts! Comment them below 🙂

Keep Safe!

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