Miscellaneous Poems

(Among) Us

I thought I knew you I really do I bet my life on your words I followed you We merrily went to the greenhouse We watched the lilies grow We fixed what’s down and broken We had good laughs and fun You suddenly went silent You went down to mend a wire You beckoned me […]

Connection Relationships

Navigating Relationships: Strive For Good Friendships

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is slow-ripening fruit.” Aristotle, Greek Philosopher Many of my friends tease me that I should run for mayor. They’re always amused that I seem to bump into other friends whenever we hang out. To be honest, I don’t socialize much and I prefer to be by […]

Inspirational Miscellaneous Poems


A poem about believing in your own song! Sing your own unique melody!