(Among) Us

I thought I knew you I really do I bet my life on your words I followed you We merrily went to the greenhouse We watched the lilies grow We fixed what’s down and broken We had good laughs and fun You suddenly went silent You went down to mend a wire You beckoned me […]

Who Is Silence?

Silence keeps many secrets She’s seen a lot of suffering She’s held a heart breaking Silence makes things hidden She smiles despite the pain She fights even if in vain Silence draws attention She can be loud and proud She can win over a crowd Silence chooses to be wise She gives peace to warring […]

How A Pair Of Shoes Made Me Run A 10k

Sometimes the world likes to give us opportunities to do something new in the most unexpected way. When I bought my first pair of high end and very expensive running shoes it came with a free ticket to a running event.  To give you a picture, I was a really huge guy who can barely […]

Joyful Online Shopping

Click click click Finally found my trip Tap tap tap Add to cart in a snap Shrug shrug shrug Close my eyes checkout that mug Ship ship ship Check the status – do not skip! Jump jump jump Joy has arrived no dents I’m pumped! Click click click… Photo by Anastasiia Ostapovych on Unsplash Related […]

My Weight Loss Journey, Skydiving, and Self-Love

“Motivation Is What Gets You Started, Habit Keeps You Going” Jim Rohn Showed my friends this picture the other day. One of them asked me a really good question. “I’m curious, what motivates you (to lose weight)? Because what you’re doing is difficult to commit to.” He asked. It took me a while to reply. […]

Tired Brain Vs The Night

My brain is tiredLocked on my screenSeveral hours too hard I close my eyesA buzz of silver and whiteBlinds me restless But I must fightEven if only for tonightI need my wits like it’s morning Sleep.. go… a…. wa —

7 Things Baking Can Teach You About Life

I am a novice baker. With the arrival of my oven five weeks ago, I’ve embarked on a wonderful baking journey.  Baking brings me joy. I think it’s the whole process, from preparing the ingredients and trays, mixing the ingredients, putting them in the oven, and then tasting and sharing what I’ve baked that gives […]

WANTED: Hiding Expert (Bonus: Being Found)

“Five – four – three – two – ONE! Ready or not HERE I COME!” and the epic game of hide and seek starts. Ha! They won’t find me here! I told myself, knowing I have hidden so well not being able to hear the seeker’s suspenseful countdown. When we were still kids, my parents […]

Possibility #365,143

A bit of a foreword. This little bundle of words made me laugh at how cheesy it came out but maybe the world needs some cheesiness right now. May the cheesiest and most audacious possibilities we dream about come true. Now pass the Parmesan please! I can think up a million possibilitiesOf how things will […]

Playing In The Rain

There was a boy Who loved to play in the rain Smiling at the sky with mouth wide open Savoring drops of cool water Pouring down from heaven The boy ran around Arms stretched wide like an eagle  Soaring through the winds Clothes drenched, soaked through to skin Mirthless laughter coming from within Then the […]


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